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Saturday, November 11, 2006

2006 Fishing Year

"2006 Fishing Year"
The 2006 Fishing Season was Easily the best Fishing year of my life, I caught the biggest Bass of my life at 7 pounds plus the next day I caught a 6 pounder, I caught 4 fish over the 5 pound mark, to me at the age of 16 that is pritty cool, Im thinking in the future Im ganna join a fishing tournament or two. But, This year was Amazing! Altough we didnt leave the homefront, or the old homefront witch was Mill Pond in Shrewsbury, For not leaving that pond, Ive learned so much about fishing in general, when to fish, Whens the best time to fish and so much more, it was a fun year, Ive learned alot about myself and my fishing capabilities and I can only go up from here!

Your Pal,
The Mass Fisherman

"Lakey Dam"
Lakey Dam is in Douglas Massachusetts, and is a very potent lake, it has huge bass, huge pickerel and breathtaking scenery, the bass shown on the left was caught by a good friend of mine named John Deery, my guess would be that this is a 6 pound bass, its nice aye. Lakey Dam has alot of Vegatation and is a very healthy lake, although driving by the lake you only see a bronze tint over the water, and it doesnt look like a prim bass fishing spot, but trust me, it is. You can catch Bass, Shallow and ofcourse Deep, I prefer to fish Shallow, Simply because it is Fun and Exciting, and also much easier than deep water fishing, once again there is so much vegitation all over the lake, with suken boulders and many lilly pads, there are many spots on the lake that are relativily shallow about 5 to 10 feet deep that is surronded by weeds, fishing in the weeds is a very good idea when bass fishing, Bass like cover and anything can do it for a bass, a distant lilly pad could hold the largest of fish, but I suggest you try Lakey Dam for yourself, there are many areas to fish at lakey dam and there is a river that runs through it, that is a great spot to fish, there is really only 1 problem with Lakey Dam and that is the boat ramp and the boat ramp is not paved and has deep tred marks from cars that had some trouble getting out, but all in all Lakey Dam is one of my favorite lakes to fish,

your truely
The Mass Fisherman

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mill Pond 2

"Mill Pond 2" todays date is June 17,2006 and today I went fishing at Mill Pond, All day long we (me and my dad) caught nothing until about 1:30 and then the bass started to bite, we caught 1 pounders and 2 pounders but nothing really big until about 4:10 and then I have received the best fish of my life... My dad had told me to "start catching fish" so I said " I'm tryin" then I picked out a target in a small shallow cove that had alot of weeds and slime on top of the water. I saw a opening between a bush and the water I casted to it and then BANG a HUGE wave and a big splash, but the fish did not take it, still on the retrieve about 2 seconds later a even BIGGER splash and he was hooked. The fish looked like a good sized 3 pounder, then he had got caught in the weeds and I thought he was going to come off then I saw the side of him as he got out of the weeds and at that point I almost pissed my pants, it was a HUGE largemouth Bass, the fight went on for another 2 minutes and he dove into the lilly pads again and I thought for sure he was going to come off, but I was able to Bring that bad boy home, we didnt weigh him but he was definitely above 7 pounds, WOOOOOOOOO!!!! what a fight your Pal, the Mass Fisherman p.s HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Saturday, June 10, 2006

first catch of the year!

"first Catch of the Year" the first catch of the year came on Mill Pond in March, this is a picture of my good friend Eric Heringa with a big Rainbow Trout, it's the biggest rainbow I have ever seen, other than the ones at the Quabbin Reservoir. With this big rainbow, their must be more. We also caught some big brown Trout wich I did not even know where in there. As the fishing year rolls on their will be bigger and badder fish to come, its the begining of summer and the winter months are a long way away. Your Pal, The Mass Fisherman.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fishing Season Begins March 20, 2006

Saturday, December 10, 2005

2005 Fishing Season

"Season's End"
Another Fishing Year Passes and with this we pre-pare for winter. Ice Fishing is the only thing you can do to get back to fishing in the cold months. But Nothing compares to being out on your favorite lake with your favorite budy cacthing your favorite fish. The hot dog days of summer are stressful to some and joyful to others. The 2005 Fishing year had its ups and downs, like.... My dad cacthing a perch and the perch threw the hook into his finger nail! or when we went to the North East Fishing Expo and met Charlie Moore and Stacey King and had a great time. Yes this year was great but next year will be better. I don't know how but it will. Your Pal, The Mass Fishermen. Until Next Year

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Quabbin Reservoir

"The Quabbin Reservoir"
The Quabbin Reservoir is the biggest body of water in Massachusetts. It lies in the nestled woods of central Mass. The Reservoir was built on 4 towns in 1926 it took 20 years to fully build the Quabbin. Now the Quabbin Reservoir is enjoyed by fishermen everywhere. I was At the Quabbin Reservoir in October the day before it closes for the year. Unfortuanatly I caught nothing. But Loren (My sister Sherry's Boyfriend) Caught 2 fish. he caught a smallmouth bass and a yellow perch. Although we've seen bigger fish like big bass and big trout and salmon. We caught very little but the Quabbin is big and we stayed off the main body and stuck to a cove as big as Singletary Lake. We found many coves but the fish did not bite. Maybe it was to cold, it was in the 40's all day with a dense fog covering the every inch of the water. The Quabbin Reservoir is a beautiful lake with no signs of the city for miles, just dense woods, loons and other animals that live off of Quabbin. I would tell you the species of fish in Quabbin but there are to many to count. I would recomend this lake to anyone who loves the outdoors and fishing. Your Pal The Mass Fisherman.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Can Beat Charlie Moore

"I can Beat Charlie Moore"
Hello folks, it's the Mass Fisherman. Today I would like to talk about "The Mad Fisherman" Charlie Moore, and how I think I can beat him. Dont get me wrong, Charlie is a great fisherman but I think I can take him down. Any day, Any Time and also any place. Charlie Me and you one on one. I can beat charlie moore. your pal the mass fisherman. (Robbie Maynard) P.S I'm Only 16

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Flint Pond

"Flint Pond" Hello, This week I was going on out to Flint Pond in shrewsbury, MA. This is a nice pond, Lake Quinsigamond runsoff into flint pond. The pond has Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Norhtern Pike, Yellow Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, Rainbow Trout, and Carp. I caught 3 bass, one of the bass I caught had a crayfish in its mouth. So I ripped the Crayfish out of the mouth of the bass and put it on the hook. One cast and just like that BOOM 3 bass all of them around 2 and 3 pound they ripped it off after one bite. well thats it for now. your pal, the mass fisherman

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Singletary Lake 2005

"Singletary Lake" singletary lake is a great and clean lake with many diffrent fish such as Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Rainbow trout, and Other sunfish. Singletary Lake is great. The best baits to use is any soft plastic that you can find, another great bait is a spinnerbait with a light color like a yellow or white. The Largemouth are BIG and the smallmouth are as well but not as big. when i went down to singletary yesterday (July 31, 2005) I caught a 2 or 3 pound largemouth and about a little less than 2 pound smallmouth none the less I had fun and it was great. Singletary lake is a fantastic lake to fish at if you would like direction to singletary well I ain't ganna give them to you, sorry. but it is a well known lake so its easy to find. thanks for your time. Your Pal, The Mass Fisherman

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Mill Pond

"Mill Pond 1"
Mill Pond In Shrewsbury, MA this pond is also off of route 9. Mill Pond is behind my house and we can get a boat out there but other people will have to fish off-shore which is not bad but its fun. Mill pond has many fish such as Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Bluegill, Crappie, Yellow Perch, and they stock the pond with Rainbow trout and we just found out that they stock Brown Trout. If you can put boat out there here are some great places that will produce fish. There is an island in the middle and right behind it there is a falled tree in the water its great another spot is off that rock behind me in that picture. (I caught that 3 pound bass right off the island). on the island there is a rope swing so when your done fishing you can take a dip. The best lure to use here is Husky Jerk By Rapala and another good lure is a Floating worm. if you have fished Mill Pond please post a comment Your Pal, The Mass Fisherman

Jordan Pond

Jordan Park Pond
Jordan Pond off Route 9 In Shrewsbury, MA. This pond is open to the public and is always busy. The fish that are in that pond are Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Hornpout (Catfish), Bluegill, and they stock the pond with Rainbow trout. The Largemouth Bass in Jordan Pond has become huge as you can tell by my dad on the left with a 7 pound largemouth. The best lure I've used there was a Husky Jerk from Rapala. And that is the lure my dad used to cacth that big'in. I suggest to go to Jordan Park Pond and try it out its great. if you have gone to Jordan Pond Post A comment on what you think of it. Your Pal, The Mass Fisherman

Lakey Dam

Lakey Dam
Lakey Dam In Douglas, MA is a great pond to fish. The fish in that pond consist of Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Bluegill, Pumpkinseed, and Yellow Perch. this pond is 1 mile off route 146. exit Lakey Dam Road if your heading south take a left of the ramp, if your heading north take a rigth off the ramp heading toward whitinsville you will see the dam on the right you cant miss it. One of the best Lures to use is a floating worm. just a worm with a hook and no weight. it is a topwater lure it sits about 3 to 5 inches below the surface of the water its deadly if used correctly. The best spot to fish is in a channel about 15 minutes up the pond (thats the channel on the left with my dad). I'll Warn you now its tricky to find and some parts are very weedy. the best technique to use is to plant your boat in a bunch of weeds and cast a soft plastic worm. We've seen 5 and 6 pound Bass swimming around but we allways cacth 3 and 4 pounders. My father (Joe on the left) Caught a minimum weight for a pin for a chain pickerel the minimum weight is 4lbs. 8ozs. but he put back. I recently caught a 4 pound bass out of there. If you have gone to Lakey Dam Pond Please post a comment on the site. Next weekend on july 30 we will have new photos of fish from lakey dam and also many others. Your Pal, The Mass Fisherman

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