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Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Lakey Dam"
Lakey Dam is in Douglas Massachusetts, and is a very potent lake, it has huge bass, huge pickerel and breathtaking scenery, the bass shown on the left was caught by a good friend of mine named John Deery, my guess would be that this is a 6 pound bass, its nice aye. Lakey Dam has alot of Vegatation and is a very healthy lake, although driving by the lake you only see a bronze tint over the water, and it doesnt look like a prim bass fishing spot, but trust me, it is. You can catch Bass, Shallow and ofcourse Deep, I prefer to fish Shallow, Simply because it is Fun and Exciting, and also much easier than deep water fishing, once again there is so much vegitation all over the lake, with suken boulders and many lilly pads, there are many spots on the lake that are relativily shallow about 5 to 10 feet deep that is surronded by weeds, fishing in the weeds is a very good idea when bass fishing, Bass like cover and anything can do it for a bass, a distant lilly pad could hold the largest of fish, but I suggest you try Lakey Dam for yourself, there are many areas to fish at lakey dam and there is a river that runs through it, that is a great spot to fish, there is really only 1 problem with Lakey Dam and that is the boat ramp and the boat ramp is not paved and has deep tred marks from cars that had some trouble getting out, but all in all Lakey Dam is one of my favorite lakes to fish,

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