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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Quabbin Reservoir

"The Quabbin Reservoir"
The Quabbin Reservoir is the biggest body of water in Massachusetts. It lies in the nestled woods of central Mass. The Reservoir was built on 4 towns in 1926 it took 20 years to fully build the Quabbin. Now the Quabbin Reservoir is enjoyed by fishermen everywhere. I was At the Quabbin Reservoir in October the day before it closes for the year. Unfortuanatly I caught nothing. But Loren (My sister Sherry's Boyfriend) Caught 2 fish. he caught a smallmouth bass and a yellow perch. Although we've seen bigger fish like big bass and big trout and salmon. We caught very little but the Quabbin is big and we stayed off the main body and stuck to a cove as big as Singletary Lake. We found many coves but the fish did not bite. Maybe it was to cold, it was in the 40's all day with a dense fog covering the every inch of the water. The Quabbin Reservoir is a beautiful lake with no signs of the city for miles, just dense woods, loons and other animals that live off of Quabbin. I would tell you the species of fish in Quabbin but there are to many to count. I would recomend this lake to anyone who loves the outdoors and fishing. Your Pal The Mass Fisherman.


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