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Saturday, December 10, 2005

2005 Fishing Season

"Season's End"
Another Fishing Year Passes and with this we pre-pare for winter. Ice Fishing is the only thing you can do to get back to fishing in the cold months. But Nothing compares to being out on your favorite lake with your favorite budy cacthing your favorite fish. The hot dog days of summer are stressful to some and joyful to others. The 2005 Fishing year had its ups and downs, like.... My dad cacthing a perch and the perch threw the hook into his finger nail! or when we went to the North East Fishing Expo and met Charlie Moore and Stacey King and had a great time. Yes this year was great but next year will be better. I don't know how but it will. Your Pal, The Mass Fishermen. Until Next Year