Fishing in Central MA

Central MA, The Best Place to fish in all of Massachusetts

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Mill Pond 2

"Mill Pond 2" todays date is June 17,2006 and today I went fishing at Mill Pond, All day long we (me and my dad) caught nothing until about 1:30 and then the bass started to bite, we caught 1 pounders and 2 pounders but nothing really big until about 4:10 and then I have received the best fish of my life... My dad had told me to "start catching fish" so I said " I'm tryin" then I picked out a target in a small shallow cove that had alot of weeds and slime on top of the water. I saw a opening between a bush and the water I casted to it and then BANG a HUGE wave and a big splash, but the fish did not take it, still on the retrieve about 2 seconds later a even BIGGER splash and he was hooked. The fish looked like a good sized 3 pounder, then he had got caught in the weeds and I thought he was going to come off then I saw the side of him as he got out of the weeds and at that point I almost pissed my pants, it was a HUGE largemouth Bass, the fight went on for another 2 minutes and he dove into the lilly pads again and I thought for sure he was going to come off, but I was able to Bring that bad boy home, we didnt weigh him but he was definitely above 7 pounds, WOOOOOOOOO!!!! what a fight your Pal, the Mass Fisherman p.s HAPPY FATHERS DAY

Saturday, June 10, 2006

first catch of the year!

"first Catch of the Year" the first catch of the year came on Mill Pond in March, this is a picture of my good friend Eric Heringa with a big Rainbow Trout, it's the biggest rainbow I have ever seen, other than the ones at the Quabbin Reservoir. With this big rainbow, their must be more. We also caught some big brown Trout wich I did not even know where in there. As the fishing year rolls on their will be bigger and badder fish to come, its the begining of summer and the winter months are a long way away. Your Pal, The Mass Fisherman.